23 Dec 2021


After Lockdown 3, the lifting of all restrictions, Jerk King was rolling again and in high demand. Due to making our website secure in June, many bookings came from there. We also had some business cards printed which have been received very well. Please click the image to see front and back of the card.

Our first event of the year was a private hen do, near Bristol Airport, the girls couldn’t get enough of Jerk King, and this was the first of many. 2021 has been a year of catering for hen dos and weddings, as life gets back to some semblance of normality.

It’s not just been about wedding festivities, we’ve provided our nicely spicy, authentic, delicious Jerk at larger venues such as Whitehall Rugby Club & Superhuman Events.

Unfortunately, St Paul’s Carnival was only online this year but we’re hoping for it to take place in 2022. The carnival is an iconic Bristol event and we get quite a bit of media attention. Although we’ve not been short this year with media exposure and meeting celebrities in 2021.

Joe Peng from Laid Blak tasted some of our Jerk chicken, during the summer, at The Bridge Inn. Laid Blak are Bristol’s favourite band who’ve just launched a foundation to give back to the city.

Towards the end of this year, it’s been about roots – black roots, vegetable roots and Levi Roots. Jerk King featured in a film, Rooted in Bristol, exploring how people of colour in Bristol use allotments to reconnect with their heritage. Rooted in Bristol also looks at the extra challenges they have faced accessing green growing spaces. Click the pic below for the full article.

We also met ‘the man’ Levi Roots and gave him a few tips.

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Big love and hope for better times in 2022!

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